We have the necessary infrastructure, experience, and technology to store, transfer, bag, and transport various products such as food-grade products, chemicals, plastic resins, PET, and more. We offer transportation services by land, rail, and sea.

Rail Terminals:


We have strategic partnerships to meet your national and international transportation needs by land, rail, or sea. We offer land distribution capabilities ranging from 3.5 to 52 tons and have various types of vehicles such as tank trucks, hopper trucks, platforms, container carriers, and dry vans.

Railway distribution for entry and exit from the point of origin includes tank cars, hopper cars, railway platforms, boxcars, and gondolas.

Terrestrial distribution with:

Railway input and output distribution to the point of origin:

Maritime Connection Link:

We provide the link for maritime transportation using ferries and containers.


Product Transfer and Handling:

We offer bulk and bagged product transfer and handling services for liquids and solids such as plastic resins, food-grade liquids, chemicals, and lubricants. Our services include transfer and loading, hopper car to silo transfer, silo to hopper truck transfer, jumbo bag to tank truck transfer, silo to tank truck transfer, tote to tank truck transfer, and drum to tank truck transfer.

Special Services:

No matter the goal, we can help you achieve it.